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Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Compared with traditional manufacturing, advanced manufacturing refers to the high-tech achievements of the manufacturing industry in absorbing electronic information, computers, machinery, materials and modern management technologies, and applying these advanced manufacturing technologies to the research and development of manufacturing products. The whole process of design, manufacturing, online testing, marketing service and management, to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean and flexible production, that is, to achieve information, automation, intelligence, flexibility, ecological production, and achieve a good economy A general term for manufacturing that benefits and market effects.


Advanced manufacturing is an important way for China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading and will become China's leading force in participating in international competition. If three words are used to describe the importance and urgency of China's development of advanced manufacturing, believes that it is imperative, imperative, and far-reaching.


The development trend of advanced manufacturing technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the integration of manufacturing technology and high technology (high-tech), for example, aero-engine and heavy-duty gas turbine manufacturing technology. The second is digital intelligent manufacturing technology. The third is manufacturing technology (large-scale) under extreme working conditions. The fourth is clean and sustainable manufacturing technology (lightweight, precise, green).

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